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ESAY 2018 Report

In September 2018, the MENA UN:NGO Adolescent and Youth Regional Group and the No Lost Generation initiative, in partnership with adolescents and youth, held the Second Evidence Symposium on Adolescents and Youth – Solutions That Work!
The event brought together 125 participants: young people, policy makers, donors, development and humanitarian professionals and practitioners, researchers and academics. This intergenerational event aims to improve evidence and increase visibility of issues of relevance for adolescents and youth in the MENA region. During the symposium, policy and programme solutions that work sustainably and at scale to ease the transition from education employment were showcased from across the region.
This summary report provides an overview of the key evidence and the key takeaways from the Symposium:
i) Evidence is an essential basis for effective policies and programmes;
ii) It’s time to stop talking about young people and start talking and partnering with young people;
iii) The right moment to start working with and supporting young people is now.


To read the full report please click here.